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Natural Pools

Imagine yourself completely immersed in pure, natural water, feeling the softness on your skin, effortlessly swimming in a river or lake, enjoying the thrill of pure nature.
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Swim in crystal clear water that is ‘alive’

Unique qualities of our Natural Pools

Now hold that thought, that feeling, that pleasure and imagine yourself having this experience in your own garden – in your own swimming pool or pond. There’s something elemental about the fresh, clean smell of water that is ‘alive’. It reconnects you to yourself and nature, it resonates with all your senses, it invigorates you!

Even when you’re not swimming in it, the water draws you to it, you’ll want to sit out by your pool with a cup of tea, absorb the wildlife of the birds and the sounds of trickling water and just.....contemplate the world.

Swim in living water

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The perfect symbiosis of biology and technology. A Living Pool is the organic version of a contemporary swimming pool but with Living Water.

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Swim in a natural pond

Swimmable Water features

The size of a Natural Pond can vary from a small Japanese water feature to a large country lake.

Swimmable water features

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Ready to swim in a chemical free pool?

Welcome to Natural Pools NZ, where we offer you the choice between two exceptional chemical-free swimming experiences: The Living Pool and The Natural Pond.

'The Living Pool' is a covered, heated pool that boasts both beauty and purity without the use of any chemicals. A haven for your family to play, entertain friends, cool-off or swim laps using our integrated swim-jets.

Alternatively, the allure of a Natural Pond, or what we call a "Swimmable Water Feature," might resonate with you. This organically contoured pond harmoniously blends with its surroundings. It features aquatic plants that naturally purify the water and beckon wildlife. It is a sanctuary to unwind, chill, and harmonize with nature.

Our pools require absolutely no chlorine or other toxic chemicals and offer the ultimate in swimming enjoyment in crystal clear natural water. The water in natural swimming pools does not have to be continuously chemically treated and regularly replaced like that in conventional pools. Our pools mimic nature, like a lake or river, the pool is naturally self regulating, keeping itself clean.

When we initially discussed our swimming pool project we never realised that Natural Pools would turn our concepts into a fantastic living dream. Alex and Hans went way beyond normal building and landscape practices to deliver a truly incredible outdoor lounge and entertaining area complete with waterfall, spa and outdoor shower. If I could only clone them I’d start my own natural pool company!

Don Grant
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