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How we work

We are specialists in natural swimming pools and ponds and offer a one-stop shop for the entire process.

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Starting from our very first consultation with you, we're committed to guiding you seamlessly through the entire journey. This encompasses the conception and crafting of the design, technical specifications, acquiring council consent, overseeing construction, and culminating in the ultimate realization of both the pool and the encompassing landscape. We extend our care beyond completion, offering an optional aftercare and maintenance service to ensure lasting enjoyment.

In addition, we provide a flexible part-build service. While we retain responsibility for the design and pivotal elements of construction, such as the filtration system, this approach enables you or local contractors to participate in specific construction aspects like excavation or the creation of the concrete shell. This tailored approach ensures that your vision is fulfilled while accommodating collaboration according to your preferences

We are with you every step of the way

Our Process

Whether we do all the construction work or just part of it, we follow this four step process:

  1. Design Consultation
  2. Design and Technical Specifications
  3. Consent
  4. Construction
  5. Maintenance (optional)

Step 1 - Design Consultation:

During the Design Consultation stage, we gather information from both sides to understand your specific needs and preferences. We have designed a quick, easy program to get you thinking about which pool would suit you best. Taking this step is your initial move towards a natural pool. It’s a valuable tool that will address many of your queries, including site suitability, maintenance, heating feasibility, and a price guide. Give it a try!

Once you have completed this it’s time to book a phone or video call. Before arranging a site visit we generally we need a 30-60 minute conversation with you so we can:

  • Answer any general questions you may have.
  • Look at your property on Google Maps satellite view and discuss the specifics of your site and available space.
  • Talk to you more about the swimming pool or pond you would like so we can provide you with an initial design and an approximate estimate for your pool and any additional features such as landscaping.
Our pool planner

Step 2 - Site Visit:

The next step involves the site visit itself, a crucial phase where we connect in person and gain deeper insights into the site's character and your aspirations.

We specialize in crafting Natural Pools and Ponds all across New Zealand. Our on-site design consultation fees are structured as follows:

Within the Nelson/Tasman area – no charge

In all other parts of New Zealand, you would cover travel expenses (flights and rental car), while the consultation remains free. For locations requiring an overnight stay (e.g., Queenstown/Wanaka), one night's accommodation would be applicable. Following the visit, we will provide you with a comprehensive design and cost estimation.

Subsequent design adjustments can be made directly with you or via your architect, if applicable. Once you're entirely satisfied, a contract will be drawn up, signed, and an initial deposit will be made.

Currently, our pool-building schedule is booked until Summer 2023. To embark on the design and consent process, we recommend reaching out as early as possible. Kindly note that due to shipping delays, some of our materials sourced from Austria and Germany are taking approximately 6 months to arrive after ordering.

Step 3 - Consent:

Now we can submit detailed plans to council and take care of the entire consent process for you. Council approval usually takes about one month. When plans are approved and materials have cleared customs – construction begins!

Step 4 - Construction:
Now we embark on an exciting journey as we bring your pool to life through meticulous craftsmanship. Watch the transformation unfold and dream about your first swim in crystal clear water.

chemical free swimming

Step 5 - Maintenance:

Maintenance of a Natural Pool is minimal and some would say even enjoyable! But if you would prefer to have us take care of it for you, we can provide this service. You might like to take a look at these short videos to see what Natural Pool maintenance entails.

Anywhere in New Zealand

We've crafted Living Pools across New Zealand, using a European filtration technique that eliminates the need for any chemicals – no chlorine, magnesium, salt, or other harmful substances are used to purify the water.

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"We are very happy with the performance of Natural Pools NZ, the team is very hard-working and always in a good mood, the quality is outstanding and their service is prompt.

In addition they do something wonderful for the preservation of the eco system, are open to new ideas and inventive in their ways to translate this into action."

Andrea Bahlsen, Picton

The team at Natural Pools did an outstanding job of delivering promises on time, sticking to budget and staying on the job from start to finish.  Very quick, very efficient!

The pool has proven to be an outstanding success.  Cheap to run, low maintenance and an absolute pleasure to swim in.
The electric cover too makes it all so easy to plunge in any time.

Cecilia – North of Wellington

More time to enjoy your pool

Keep your pool maintenance low and extend your swimmable months

A pool cover offers a host of advantages, it reduces heat loss, starves the water of sunlight and prevents the intrusion of dust and pollen, thereby reducing algae growth. In addition to the cover, maintenance includes simply emptying the pool robot basket regularly in summer and occasionally in winter. This crucial step gathers debris like leaves and dust, preserving your pool's pristine condition.

Remember to inspect the pool skimmer fortnightly for leaves. To keep the pool in optimal condition, gently brush the walls and steps weekly using the brush we provide. The best part is, there's no need for chemical mixing or testing. We've got you covered – we'll handle the filter replacement every five years.

Heating your pool is strongly recommended. Almost all of our clients have chosen to heat their pool because it extends the swimming period to about 8-9 months of the year. The pool cover assists in holding the temperature. A popular choice among clients is a heat pump, often accompanied by a photovoltaic system to offset power expenses.

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