It's a pleasure to swim in crystal clear water

A Living Pool - swim in pure water

Our pool water is so pure you can drink it.
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Simply pure water

Water quality like you've never experienced before

Experience the delightful sensation of soft, silky water caressing your skin, making every swim an absolute pleasure. We are the only company in New Zealand who can design and build you a pool that contains water so pure you can drink it!

No additives

Chemical free

Other chemical-free pools on the market will contain additives such as salt to preserve the water, or use magnesium or copper to purify the water. Our swimming pools are completely chemical free.

Safer for kids

Smooth and flexible pool liner

Distinguishing us from others on the market is our innovative pool construction technique. We employ a concrete shell as the base and overlay it with a heat-welded, soft, smooth liner. This is not only softer on your feet, but also offers a significant advantage in terms of flexibility during earthquakes, preventing any tile breakages. With our unique approach, you can enjoy both comfort and peace of mind.

Less cleaning - more swimming!

Less pool maintenance

Owning a Living Pool still requires some regular maintenance, but it is notably easier and much less demanding when compared to a chemical pool.

While many people assume that maintaining a regular chlorine pool is simple, the reality is quite different. It involves a considerable amount of chemical mixing and testing to achieve a safe and balanced swimming environment. Too much chlorine can lead to unpleasant side effects like green hair and skin conditions like eczema and dry irritation, while too little chlorine can result in the growth of dangerous bacteria and algae.

In contrast, a Living Pool offers a more straightforward and hassle-free maintenance routine.

Chemical free swimming pool in auckland

We build pools anywhere in New Zealand

We have built Living Pools all over New Zealand, using a patented European filtration method that requires absolutely no chemicals, no chlorine, magnesium, salt or other toxic chemicals to purify the water.

"The team at Natural Pools did an outstanding job of delivering promises on time, sticking to budget and staying on the job from start to finish.  Very quick, very efficient! The pool has proven to be an outstanding success.  Cheap to run, low maintenance and an absolute pleasure to swim in. The electric cover too makes it all so easy to plunge in any time."

Cecilia – North of Wellington

"It’s been a pleasure to work with Hans & Alex in creating our outdoor pool area.

The whole project went very smoothly from begin to finish. It has been a fantastic extra value for our business and a fantastic area for our guests to relax and enjoy!

We always receive positive feedback from guests about pool & landscaping! "

Steven and Anne-Mie

More time to enjoy your pool

Keep your pool maintenance low and extend your swimmable months

A pool cover provides many benefits. It effectively minimizes heat loss, blocks sunlight from reaching the water, and acts as a barrier against dust and pollen, ultimately curbing algae growth. Alongside the cover, maintenance is straightforward and primarily involves regularly emptying the pool robot basket during summer and occasionally in winter. This essential step ensures contaminants like leaves and dust are efficiently collected, ensuring a clean and enjoyable pool experience.

To keep your pool in top condition, simply check the pool skimmer for leaves every two weeks. The walls and steps will need a light brushing once a week using the brush we provide. The best part? No need for chemical mixing or testing! Additionally, we'll take care of the filter change for you once every five years, ensuring your pool stays in pristine condition with minimal effort on your part.

We highly recommend heating your swimming pool as it comes with numerous benefits. The majority of our clients opt for pool heating, as it extends the swimming season to approximately 8-9 months of the year. To preserve the warmth, a pool cover plays a significant role in retaining the temperature. For heating purposes, many clients choose a heat pump, and to offset power costs, they often install a photovoltaic system, creating an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.

When we initially discussed our swimming pool project we never realised that Natural Pools would turn our concepts into a fantastic living dream. Alex and Hans went way beyond normal building and landscape practices to deliver a truly incredible outdoor lounge and entertaining area complete with waterfall, spa and outdoor shower.

Don Grant
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