An experienced team

The team at Natural Pools

We are a team of 3 German craftsmen - Alex, Philip and Julian.

A Serendipitous Moment

How it all started

Natural Pools NZ was created by Alex Traut M.Sc. and Dr. Hans Brutscher in 2008. They met serendipitously in NZ a couple of years earlier and found they came from the same region in Bavaria, Southern Germany. An instant connection sprang from their common love for nature, enviro-principles and everything that had to do with water. This led to the idea of finding a niche in the eco-pool industry and eventually to founding their own pool and landscaping company together. Hans has now retired and is enjoying life beside his Natural Pool.

Who we are?

Meet Alex Traut, Natural Pools Director and owner, he is a seasoned Landscape Architect from Germany.  Alex's pool experience dates back to 1996, he has been a driving force in the construction of Natural Pools, accumulating a wealth of expertise over the years. Renowned for his meticulous approach, Alex possesses an innate ability to transform his clients' dreams and concepts into stunning realities. His precision and attention to detail are unmatched, ensuring that every project he undertakes is a testament to his craftsmanship and his clients' vision.

Meet Philip Frank, a German-trained pool-builder and his brother Julez Frank a German-trained plasterer from Munich. The brothers were traveling NZ and stayed with us during Covid lockdown. They both fell in love with NZ and decided to stay on. They are both highly qualified craftsmen and we're lucky to have them on our team.

Living swimming pool, chemical free

"I spent a whole year researching swimming pools: concrete, fibreglass shell, fibre glass liner, vinyl liner, chlorine, UV, ozone, salt, magnesium etc...., but it wasn’t until I came across the Natural Pool Company that it all started to make sense. Alex and Hans build a pool that is a piece of art made specifically for its location, not a product punched out to meet a quota. They were also a pleasure to work with. I am (by some accounts) a demanding client and I fussed and niggled all the way through the process, micromanaging the design details while Alex and Hans were fabulously accommodating, helpful and knowledgeable to the last. The finished pool is simply everything I wanted it to be."

Matthew - Motueka