How you pool stays clean with minimal maintenance

Living pool pumps & filters by Biotop

submerged pump

Submerged Pump House

BIOTOP introduces a revolutionary pump house concept. Here, the pump resides within a submerged chamber, eliminating the need to actively "draw in" water; instead, water naturally flows into the pump house. Subsequently, a submersible pump positioned on the pump house floor propels the water into the pool through pressure lines.

The advantages of the Submerged Pump House

  • Submerged pumps generate minimal noise.
  • Their quiet operation permits installation beneath a wooden deck. 
  • Furthermore, each suction and pressure line can be independently regulated for optimal control.

Curved Sieve Skimmer

The introduction of the curved sieve skimmer marks a significant advancement in skimmer technology. The water flows over a curved sieve with a mesh size of only 0.3 mm. This design effectively extracts impurities from the system, preventing the reintroduction of their contained nutrients into the water. The sieve maintains its cleanliness autonomously, and the flow is managed by a float gauge, ensuring the appropriate water volume flows over the flap.

The advantages of the curved sieve skimmer

  • Submerged pumps make only minor noise.
  • The pump is so quiet it can be installed beneath a wooden deck.
  • All suction and pressure lines can be regulated independently.
phosphorous filter

The Phosphorous Filter - PhosTec Ultra

PhosTec Ultra - the ultimate in eliminating phosphorus. Without the use of chemicals the Phostec Ultra very effectively eliminates the phosphorous that is dissolved in the circulating water by binding it in its special filter material.

The advantages of the Phostec Ultra:

  • Biological cleansing without chemicals.
  • Backwashing water can be used for irrigation
  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance.
  • Filter material can be changed easily

The Bio Compact Filter

The Bio Compact Filter system remains discreetly hidden beneath the deck. Water undergoes vertical filtration from top to bottom within the system, undergoing biological purification. Bacteria break down impurities and organic compounds, yielding water of remarkable clarity. Alternatively, the Bio Compact Filter can be swapped for a biological filter and transformed into an open basin filter, if more space is available.

The advantages of the Bio Compact Filter system:

  • No animals or plants in the water.
  • Only small space required.
  • Very clean swimming zone.
  • Works with little energy.
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