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A natural pool or pond where cleaning is orchestrated by a harmonious coexistence of microorganisms.

Pure, crystal clear water

Unique qualities of Natural Pools

Crystal clear, clean water is the naturally occurring state in low-nutrient ponds and lakes, if the body of water is large and deep enough.

Simply pure water

Water quality like you've never experienced before

Natural Ponds come in a range of sizes, from small Japanese water features to expansive country lakes. These Swimmable Water Features exude a charming European style. While the water in these ponds remains clear, they do contain more organic matter, necessitating a bit more maintenance compared to "The Living Pool." The Living Pool, in contrast, does not have any plants and is covered when not in use, making it a low-maintenance option.

No additives

Simple natural design

With its organic design, the natural pool seamlessly blends into its surroundings, giving the impression that it has always been a part of the landscape. The tranquil water introduces a new dimension to the garden, casting a soothing effect on the environment. Characterized by its simplicity and natural appeal, the gentle and rounded forms of the pool, along with the merging pool edges, create a harmonious union with the surrounding elements. The result is a stunning oasis that feels like a seamless extension of nature itself.

Safer for kids

Regeneration zone ensures clean and pure water

Through meticulous planning, the incorporation of a special regeneration zone guarantees the purity of the water in the pool. This designated area is dedicated to aquatic plants, carefully selected for their ability to oxygenate the water. These plants, along with essential microorganisms, serve as living filters and organic cleansers. Their root systems naturally and continuously filter the water, extracting nutrients and impurities, ensuring a clean and refreshing swimming environment.

Use the natural purifying properties of plants

Let micro-organisims do the cleaning

In a traditional swimming pool, chemicals like chlorine are employed to eliminate micro-organisms such as phytoplankton (microscopic single-celled algae, which - in abundance - can turn the water green) and bacteria. However, in a natural pool, such measures are unnecessary, as the cleaning process is managed by a harmonious coexistence of micro-organisms. This fundamental principle of a swimming pond relies on harnessing the natural purifying properties of plants and micro-organisms to maintain clean, clear, and healthy water. By embracing this approach, natural pools provide a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for pristine and enjoyable swimming experiences.

Truely amazing


The installation of a natural pool and the surrounding landscape has the remarkable power to transform your entire environment. As the natural pool becomes a serene and inviting oasis, it beckons you to immerse yourself in pure, chemical-free water, offering a soothing retreat from the demands of daily life. The harmonious blend of the pool and the landscape creates a tranquil haven that eases stress and promotes relaxation. The sights and sounds of nature become an integral part of your daily routine, rejuvenating your spirit and enhancing your overall well-being. With each moment spent in this tranquil paradise, you'll discover a newfound sense of peace and contentment, making the natural pool an incomparable source of joy and serenity in your life.

"We are so pleased with the work you have done on the area around our pond. You have combined artistic flair with practical knowledge and sheer hard work to create a beautiful area.  We love the effect of the natural rocks and the use of wood for the deck and jetty.  You listened carefully to all our ideas in the planning stages and then added all sorts of exciting ones of your own. The result is perfect for us. Your plantings are establishing very well and all the Echium cuttings are growing!! Now we can sit back and enjoy the winter sun on the deck we and look forward to spending time next to the water in the spring and summer"

Brian and Ruth Field
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