Relax at the end of the day

Enjoy the healing power of a
deep sweat session.

Indulge in the luxury of a meticulously crafted Scandinavian sauna, made with premium aspen or red cedar wood. Our traditional saunas offer a truly authentic experience. 
Inside wooden saunaInside wooden saunaInside wooden sauna

Just like a traditional Alpine Sauna

Saunas were used in ancient times for purification and well-being. Still today, they are highly valued for improving circulation, detoxification, glowing skin, stress relief, joint pain, muscle relaxation, cardiovascular health, immune system support, and post-exercise recovery.

Materials we use for Sauna

Aspen wood is an ideal material for sauna construction due to its durability, heat insulation, light color, low resin content and intoxicating aroma. It withstands high temperatures without warping, maintains a comfortable sauna temperature, and looks simply beautiful! Close your eyes, and the scent of heated Aspen will transport you to a tranquil forest. With its low resin content, it is suitable for individuals with sensitivities. Additionally, its sustainability makes it an environmentally friendly choice. Overall, aspen wood offers a combination of practical and aesthetic benefits for creating durable and visually appealing saunas.

Red cedar wood is also an excellent choice for saunas. It naturally resists decay, insects, and fungi, ensuring long-lasting durability with minimal upkeep. It retains warmth efficiently, while its moisture resistance prevents warping in high humidity. Red cedar wood showcases a beautiful natural grain pattern and rich reddish-brown colour. It adds a touch of elegance and warmth to the sauna, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. With durability and strength, it withstands heavy use and temperature changes. The wood's natural oils are believed to offer aromatherapy benefits for relaxation, stress reduction, and improved sleep. Red cedar wood is an excellent choice for your sauna and combines functionality and visual appeal with health benefits.

Ways to heat your Sauna

Electric heating in saunas can generate both steam and dry heat. In a steam sauna, an electric heater with water reservoirs heats rocks or elements, creating steam and increasing humidity. This suits those who prefer higher humidity levels. Alternatively, electric heating can create a dry sauna environment without steam. The heater warms the sauna directly, producing a hot and dry atmosphere. Dry saunas offer intense heat for detoxification, while steam saunas provide additional respiratory and skin benefits.

Inside wooden sauna

Superior craftsmanship

Our sauna designs are skillfully handcrafted with intricate timber work and concealed fixings, ensuring a seamless and polished appearance. The sauna wood is meticulously sanded to achieve a smooth and velvety finish. The seating options can be customized to feature either a curved or straight design, complete with comfortable backrests and headrests for added relaxation and support

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