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Natural Pools NZ offers a range of pools from the allure of an organic swimming pond to the classic charm of a traditional swimming pool, even the elegance of a Hollywood-style lap pool – we have it covered. Your dream pool awaits, designed and crafted to suit you.
In keeping with the precious nature of water, our pools require absolutely no chlorine, minerals or other toxic chemicals.
Natural Swimming Pool

We build two types of pool

Which pool style resonates with you more?

Do you lean towards clean, straight lines, or do you find yourself drawn to a more organic shape complemented by surrounding plants? Our selection comprises two distinct products, allowing you to tailor your choice to your preferences. Let's embark on a journey to discover the ideal match for you.

Swim in living water

The Living Pool

Experience the aesthetics of a traditional swimming pool, but without the need for any chemicals.

The Living Pool represents a harmonious blend of biology and technology.

It offers a chlorine-free and chemical-free solution, providing an exceptional swimming experience in crystal clear water. With its covered and heated design, The Living Pool requires minimal maintenance and allows for swimming enjoyment for up to 8-9 months of the year.

Our Living Pools

Swim in a natural pond

A Swimmable Water Feature

The size of a Natural Pond can vary from a small Japanese water feature to a large country lake.

These types of Swimmable Water Features showcase a distinct European elegance. The water is clear but they do contain more organic matter and require more maintenance than A Living Pool which contains no plants and is covered when not in use.

Swimmable water features

Experience swimming in chemical free water

How does a chemical free pool work?

To achieve a pool with absolutely no chemicals, the water firstly passes through a biological filter which consists of layers of foam mats. The millions of natural micro-organisms that are present in water colonise these foam filters and go to work breaking down organic impurities such as dust, pollen etc into inorganic forms of phosphorus. This process is known as mineralisation.

Phosphorus can then be taken up by a special secondary filter and so is less available as a nutrient for algae. This keeps algae growth to a minimum.

Together these two filter systems produce crystal clear water and essentially do the majority of the pool maintenance for you, totally unassisted by additives!

Leaving you with nothing but pure water that is 100% alive and healthy with a swim quality second to none.

"We never tire of swimming and looking at the beauty waterlilies and reeds.
Amazing service and support from Alex and Hans in the design and construction stages, plus 24/7 post service support and care. Thanks so much guys!"


"...The natural pool has been in for 5 summers now and I can confirm that the filtration and sanitation system works better than any chemical pool: No one has swum in my pool without remarking on the sweet, clear beauty of the water..."

Matthew - Motueka

We can help you manage the whole project

Construction Management

Construction, Landscaping

From initial design ideas to obtaining council consent, to constructing every aspect of your pool, landscaping and build project, we can take care of it all for you!


Your pool questions answered

  • Do your pools contain salt?

    No – the chemistry of our pools is absolutely natural, like the water in a river or lake.

  • Do mosquitoes breed in your pools?

    No – mosquitos prefer to breed in still water, our water is constantly moving due to the filtration pump.

  • Can you heat your pools?

    Yes – both of our pools, the Natural Pool and the Living Pool can be heated.The temperature shouldn’t exceed 27-28 degrees, higher temperatures will cause more algal growth.

  • How is the water treated?

    The water is treated biologically through a biofilter, there are absolutely no chemicals involved.Apart from the physical filtration, microorganisms in these filters mineralise organic matter and reduce the phosphorous content in the water and therefore deprive algae of their nutrients.Plants, like in a Natural Pool, also help to reduce these nutrients.

  • Do your pools have algae?

    In chemical free water algae occur naturally just like in nature. Algae is not harmful to humans.We control algae growth by reducing the phosphorous content in the water using a special Phostec filter.

  • Do I need a building consent for your pools?

    Yes – as with any other pool you will need a building/fencing permit.Our pools are built to NZ building codes and constructed to engineers specifications.Councils can be in favour of our pools as the natural water when backwashed can be used for irrigation in the garden in contrast to normal pools where you backwash chemically treated water into the sewerage system.

  • Can I cover your pools?

    Yes – we recommend a cover especially for our Living Pools.A Natural Pool loses its aesthetics with a cover.The swimming area of the Natural Pool can be covered, but you will have a heat loss through the open, planted filter areas.

  • What kind of maintenance is required for your pools?

    No pool is without maintenance.

    The chemistry of the natural water is self-regulating, You don`t have to test the ph, alkalinity and other parameters.
    With a Living Pool, especially when covered, the actual maintenance can be kept to a minimum. Running the robotic cleaner several times a week, cleaning the skimmer periodically and backwashing the Phostec filter every 2-3 months together with the occasional scrub of areas where the robot can`t get into is all you have to do.

    A Natural Pool requires practically the same routine maintenance as the Living Pool but in addition it is necessary to look after the water plants. This requires routine ‘gardening’ like cutting back plants and removing dead leaves mostly in spring and autumn.

  • What are the costs of your pools?

    Our pools are at the higher end of swimming pools. Although natural they do have a costly sophisticated filtration system

    For a Living Pool the estimated costs are approx. $2,500 – $4,000 per square metre of water.

    For a Natural Pool the estimated costs are approx. $1,500 – $2,000 per square metre of water including the planted areas.

    These costs in general include everything from the building consent, engineer input & excavations to the finished pool.

    They do not include the coping, decking or any landscaping around the pool, these are all additional costs.

    The estimated costs also do not include travel and accommodation expenses if you live further away.

    Fill out our Pool Planner to get a better idea.

  • What options do I have?

    • Complete design and construction of the project by our company from start to finish and can also include all your landscaping needs.
    • Consultation, design and the supply and installation of the technical equipment. To save costs the building of the pool shell can be arranged by your builder or yourself.
    • Converting your existing chlorine swimming pool into a Natural Swimming Pool.
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