Landscaping, Living Pool

A One Year Long Project in Harley Ridge

A beautiful house overlooking Tasman Bay along with a blank landscaping canvas greeted us here, at what was to be a year-long project.  Our brief was to create a pool and surrounding landscape to honor the scale and design of house and accompanying land.  Massive decking was required, on 2 levels.  Our clients requested sheltered and secluded areas for privacy and wind protection.

We began with the pool, which is 12 x 4 metres in size, covered in order to minimize algae, impurities and therefore maintenance.  The pool is heated to 28C using a very efficient heat pump so that the clients can swim almost all year round.  Our clients love to entertain, and so in addition to completion of the large decking area,  we added a natural, chlorine-free spa pool for their enjoyment.

In total we planted over 1200 natives.  How’s that for reducing your carbon footprint?!

Next we undertook  the design, resource consent, earthworks, retaining walls, driveway to, and construction of 3 large sheds.  This couple has a passion for horses and vintage cars!  A horse arena for training and riding was completed in front of the sheds, including drainage.

Have a look at our beautiful drone photographs to get a feel for the full scale of this project.