Living Pool

Living Pool, Picton

This pool was a real challenge. The pool had to be built on a 27 degree steep hillside and also behind a garage that was already built into the hillside.

High gabion walls were needed to stabilize the ground behind the pool.
As the property was off grid and powered only by a small hydro station we had just 180 watts available to run the pool.

The solution was a 8 x 4m Living Pool Green where the function of the skimmer was replaced by a small weir with a waterfall that leads into a planted pond 1m below that acts as a biological filter.
The water is then pumped back to the main pool by a very economic 85 watt pump via a PhosTec filter.
That pool has an automatic pool cover with a 500 watt motor, and because it is only activated for a very short time to open and close the storage batteries can cope with that demand.

Extensive decking on different levels leads to a rotating, half spherical house that gives the whole property a futuristic appearance.

Shortly before we started to build we met Alex and Hans from Natural Pools NZ, looked at their project in Mapua and were fascinated by their natural pool and filtration pond.
However we soon noticed that the normal skimmer application would use too much power and was therefore unsuitable for our power system. We then had the idea to run the surface water over a water-fall into a lower filtration pond and then pump it back into the pool with a small economical pump consuming only 65 watts – problem solved.
In addition Alex created a landscaping plan, including the entrance area and timber decks, that fitted exactly into the difficult slope situation without creating too much earth works.
The result is a beautiful garden and entrance area which you pass when you come in, a lively pond with water lilies and gold fishes, a super clear swimming pool without chemicals or salt and enough garden beds for citrus fruits and flowers.
The yearly spring service works very well and is enough to enjoy the pool and the pond all year round especially when you have a pool cover as well, which, here in Marlborough, even replaces the pool fence.
We are very happy with the performance of Natural Pools NZ, the team is very hard-working and always in a good mood, the quality is outstanding and their service is prompt.
In addition they do something wonderful for the preservation of the eco system, are open to new ideas and inventive in their ways to translate this into action.
One can only say – made in Germany!! Please continue – thank you very much.

Andrea Bahlsen, Picton