Living Pool

Living Pool, Christchurch

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This Living Pool for a small front garden enclosed by plastered walls, was created to enhance and bring more nature into the outdoor living area of a newly built designer house.Due to the limited space on this project we were unable to install a full-sized Natural Pool. Therefore the brief was to create a modern style Living Pool that still maintained a Natural Pool look by the addition of a planted zone.The resulting 9m x 3m Pool extends almost from one side to the other of the existing space still allowing room for a small deck which houses the pumping equipment.

The planted areas on one side and in the back of the pool create nice reflections on the adjoining walls as does the stainless steel waterline which also gives it a clean, sleek modern look. Further decking connects the pool to the house.

Completed early Feb ’11 – it also survived the Christchurch quake!

We never tire of swimming and looking at the beauty waterlilies and reeds.
Amazing service and support from Alex and Hans in the design and construction stages, plus 24/7 post service support and care. Thanks so much guys!