Living Pool

Living Pool, Motueka

Living swimming pool, chemical free

The owner required their park-like organic garden & stately Victorian home to be complemented by a Living Pool.
The outcome was a formal 4.5 m x 10m rectangular pool with a stainless steel waterline surrounded by un-treated thick, rough sawn purple-heart timber boards/coping to create a rustic, yet modern look.

Massive macrocarpa bollards on the adjoining macrocarpa decking take up this eco theme. Here the biological filter is hidden beneath the decking that connects the pool to the house. No plants are required for the Living Pool.

I spent a whole year researching swimming pools: concrete, fibreglass shell, fibre glass liner, vinyl liner, chlorine, UV, ozone, salt, magnesium etc…., but it wasn’t until I came across the Natural Pool Company that it all started to make sense. Alex and Hans build a pool that is a piece of art made specifically for its location, not a product punched out to meet a quota. They were also a pleasure to work with. I am (by some accounts) a demanding client and I fussed and niggled all the way through the process, micromanaging the design details while Alex and Hans were fabulously accommodating, helpful and knowledgeable to the last. The finished pool is simply everything I wanted it to be.

But most importantly, natural pools are safe from the toxic stuff most conventional pool owners have to use to keep their water ‘safe’ and clear. Having previously owned a ‘saltwater’ pool, I know how many dangerous chemicals are needed and how expensive they are to run: chlorine, salt, flocking agent, buffer, pH increaser, hydrochloric acid, algaecide etc, I once counted 16 skull and cross bone labelled containers in my ‘conventional’ pool shed. Now, I just can’t imagine wanting to immerse my body in that concoction of transcutaneous peril, let alone allow my most precious daughters in there.

The natural pool has been in for 5 summers now and I can confirm that the filtration and sanitation system works better than any chemical pool: No one has swum in my pool without remarking on the sweet, clear beauty of the water. But best of all, there is no water maintenance to do, it just looks after itself. But be warned, once you have one of these pools, you’ll never again enjoy the pools in luxury hotels or resorts because they simply won’t be as good as your own”.

Matthew – Motueka