Living Pool

Natural Pool, Kina

chemical free pool

The European owner of this pool wanted to create an “oasis of tranquillity” with the creation of this Natural Pool. On a 2 ha property with breath-taking views to the mountains of the Kahurangi National Park and the ocean of Tasman Bay this site is located on a north-facing gently sloping hillside.

Easy access allowed precast concrete panels to be used in the construction of the 10 x 5 m swimming area. The adjoining regeneration zones on two sides of the pool add another 50 m2 of water area and blend in well with the surrounding landscape which was intentionally planted with predominantly native plants. Two rocky water features were integrated into the regeneration zone creating a relaxing ambience of flowing water sounds.

A timber jetty across the far end enhances the natural look of the pool and links to the lawn area.
The coping around the pool edge is un-treated thick, rough sawn purple-heart timber boards whereas the waterline is lined with stainless steel. As the pool faces North West, plants and mountains picturesquely reflect on the water in the evening.

To keep the visual impact to a minimum the pool fence was kept in the distance and planted on both sides so it will eventually be completely hidden. The glass fence in front of the house creates a barrier but with an unobstructed view. Large ceramic tiles were laid to the pools edge flowing on from the expansive tiled outdoor area.