Swimmable Water Feature

Dairy Flat, North Auckland

This lovely couple contacted us when they found themselves in a very stressful situation. A project of this size takes considerable knowledge and experience to ensure the water is kept clean and clear for swimming.   Unfortunately, the  Auckland natural pool contractor who had undertaken the large pond set around this spectacular home on large acreage in Dairy Flats had disappeared, leaving them with a 2000 square metre hole in the ground.

The owners wanted a beautiful lake that could be used as a natural swimming hole in summer. We completely re-engineered the filtration system that had been partially installed, major earthworks were necessary to re-design the surrounding drainage system.  Next we landscaped the lake with water plants and the surrounding area with natives.  We custom built a skimmer for this over-sized project and we are so excited to return and see how the landscape grows and develops.